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(Nov 26, 2010)
Happy Thanksgiving Everyone gobble gobble gobble
(Nov 18, 2010)
o.O ?
(Nov 17, 2010)
SIF u guys fucking kicked me i planned on coming back 2morrow guess ill find another cata guild
(Nov 17, 2010)
Doing a 10man guild with a bunch of RL mates atm, need 4 more ;)
(Nov 17, 2010)
cheers man, GL to you 2.where u off too lol?
(Nov 16, 2010)
Was a good run, good luck in cata guys :) Thanks for everything!
(Nov 12, 2010)
thanks dude, have fun and take care
(Nov 11, 2010)
Farewell DeZire, it's been fun :)
(Nov 06, 2010)
server died?
(Nov 06, 2010)
ohh dats morphdemons guild
(Nov 06, 2010)
I know! They joined a guild called Incognito - It's a new guild!
(Nov 05, 2010)
(Nov 03, 2010)
um i should be on tonight i run out of game time but i should be able to get some
(Nov 02, 2010)
Let me know if webare going again tonight and I'll be there
(Nov 02, 2010)
wtb more burst.2sec fireball not good enough lol lemon was afk...SSIGH
(Nov 02, 2010)
not killing spheres = fail.
(Nov 01, 2010)
what about u thou?
(Nov 01, 2010)
less fail k thanks
(Nov 01, 2010)
Having issues logging in, doubt I'm going to be able to get online for bane attempts. Pissing down outside :S
(Oct 30, 2010)
I won't be on till tonight but I will be there.