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Guild Rules
  • Guild Rules
***It is our guild members responsibility to read and understand these rules and any future updates.***

"DeZire" An Alliance Guild on Barthilas server.

Current Ranking Structure

Guild Master - Vipro
Officers - Ælité - Tesumi
Class Officers -
Core Raiders

Welcome to the page that nobody wants to read, but everybody should.
We are all here to enjoy playing the game together. To do this there are some basic rules we ask that everyone follows.


1) No drama! This rule is in affect inside and outside of the guild!

2) Do not insult or antagonise your guildmates. A joke may be fine but learn when to back off.

3) Rascism, sexism, homophobia and religeon are not tollerated. Breaking this rule will earn you very few warnings before demotion and if the ofence continues you will be removed from the guild

4) Teamwork is the Key! show preferance to guildmates when forming parties, selling items or offering services. Help each other complete quests and instances. Every time you pull together and help a guildy out, you strengthen the guild as a whole.

5) If you use the guild Ventrilo server ensure that you are in a channel labled for your current in game situation. DO NOT crash channels under any circumstances, this will lead to IP Ban.

6) Come prepared. Have yourself repaired and properly equiped with reagents and potions before you turn up for the raid. Holding off the raid for one person to go back to town will not put you in a favourable light.

7) Nobody cares if you're "high," "stoned," or "drunk." Keep it to yourself.

8 ) We expect all our members to understand their characters abilities and to work toward better solo and group play.

9) A member is expected to balance their priorities based on commitments that are made in real life and in-game.

10) We need our raiders to play on stable internet connections in order to succeed. Localized ISP problems/power outages do happen - however we simply cannot have anyone on the roster who disconnects during every raid. We will work with you in helping you to fix any issues that you have, but it will ultimately be up to you to get them sorted out.

You will also need to have a decent computer, one fast enough to handle the demands of top-end raiding content. Sometimes things can get pretty hectic, with a huge number of spell effects etc. on the screen, and you still need to be able to perform at your best.


1) Have full consumables. Don't turn up to a raid as a recruit (or any rank for that matter) without consumables. First impressions count and we will not carry anyone for any reason.

2) Learn the encounters. When applying to DeZire, you should have a rough idea of our progress. You are expected to know enough about every encounter in the game to understand our strats.

3) Be online. We raid from 7:00PM - 11:00MM server time during progression. This means that you must be online by 6:30pm and be ready to go (sometimes we may start earlier, but we will give significant notice ahead of time). Use the forum if you are going to be late/absent. We also strongly encourage recruits to be online outside normal raid times and get to know people in the guild - fitting in well will definitely help your chances!

4) Don't AFK. If you are going AFK too often (especially if you do it without letting the raid leaders know), you will find yourself replaced. We will generally have a break at some point during the raid, so try to wait until then unless its something important.

5) Be prepared to sit. As a recruit, you may find yourself sitting out a lot. This in itself can be boring, and it also means you have limited time to show us what you can do. Make the most of the raid time you get, and if you perform well, you'll quickly find yourself getting more.


To attain and retain “raider” rank, you must:
- Be online for at least 3 Raids per week
- Be online for raid start ready to go
- Be available for the entire raid time
- Notify officers via Guild Calendar if you are unable to be online
- Visit website on a regular basis for updates and announcements

Raiders are responsible for:
- Reading all forum boss strategies/encounters
- Enchanting and gemming gear
- Farming all consumables
- Pay for any respecs
- Be online on time for all raid sign ups


To become a core raider there are some expectations that need to be met and alot of people seem to not understand the process to becomming a core raider so ill go over the main points

Attendence :

We do expect our core raiders to be able to make at lest 7/8 raids every 2 weeks ( so out of two weeks u can miss a night and not be penalised )

Gearing Gemming and Enchanting :

We expect all our applicants to have the best Gems / enchants and have gear that they have put alot of work into to

Attitude :

We expect our core raiders to have the right attitude this means we expect them to be helpful to other guildmembers have a good out look to progression raids and treat people with respect.

Personal player skill :

We expect our core raiders to be amazing players and excell at their chosen class as well as have amazing raid awareness ( dodging goo moving out of fires ect ) and if they are dps to pull the numbers that show us in our logs that they are at the top of their game .

Learn fast :

We take our core raiders over raiders to raids so we do expect them to be very fast learners in terms of new fights / hardmodes

Raiding professions :

We expect our core raiders to have two raiding professions


Benefits offered for Core Raider status are:
- Guild Bank Repairs
- Consumables ie, Flasks, Potions
- Gems and Enchants @ 50% of AH Cost for items that is for your Main Spec and won via DKP.

***Please, don't see this document as black and white, updates will happen frequently as we grow and learn so please check back here often and let an officer know if you have any concerns.***